The story of Paradise Cabinets & Countertops began in 1974, when Uday Chand, a former school teacher from Fiji, moved his family to Vancouver, BC in search of opportunity.

Finding work as a floor sweeper in a cabinet shop, Uday switched professions and quickly became one of the top employees, selected as part of a team to open a branch in Prince George. Although the company he was working for soon closed its doors, Uday seized on the entrepreneurial opportunity.

He and his wife, Pushpa hand-dug a basement in their 1100 square foot house, and they began building cabinets with a skill saw Uday and his friend converted into a table saw. And thus, Paradise Cabinets & Countertops was born.

Today, the business continues to be family run. Although their manufacturing capabilities have continued to expand and develop, they are still guided by the same principles with which Uday and Pushpa started their business: hard work, high quality and precision.