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We understand it may be a big commitment to fund a full remodel or a cabinet refacing project upfront. That’s why we have financing partnerships to help you get your project started now and pay later! Even if our clients have the full amount to commit to their project, many are still interested in financing options to spread out the investment. No matter what your financial situation is, financing may be an option for you.

Whether you want to finance your whole project or just a portion, there’s a program for you! Get the funds you need for your home improvement project with incredible service, low rates, and a hassle-free process. Please reach out to us directly for more information or review the information below to get started with FINANCEIT.


Sketch the Walls

A sketch let you better communicate your project to designers and contractors. Quotes and estimates are more easily calculated and are often more accurate when starting with a sketch.

Measure the Area

Measure each surface, window or opening and note on your sketch. 

Add Elements

Mark the locations of any openings, and appliances. You can also outline the existing countertop or island for reference.

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