The Process


  1. Measure all wall spaces for the room
  2. Indicate where any windows or doors are located. To do this, measure from the edge of
  3. the wall to the outside of the casing around them. If there are no casings around the
  4. window than measure to the inside of the window frame.
  5. On the drawing show where any existing plug-ins, appliances, and plumbing are.
  6. Fax or bring in the measurements to our showroom where a designer will be happy to
  7. help you.
  8. A no cost quote will be done and once you have made your final decision, the ordering
  9. process begins, which includes, within city limits, a final measure done by our staff.


  1. Measure existing countertops along the wall and the depth of the countertop from the wall to the front. Make a drawing including measurements as well as appliance locations. Here is an example:
    1. Sink
    2. Range
  2. BUILDUP: To determine if you need buildup on your countertop, check to see if the countertop can be put directly on your cabinets without interfering with your doors and drawers opening. In the case that it does not interfere, you do not need build up. If it needs to be lifted to stop it from interfering you require buildup.
  3. Then bring your measurements to our showroom or you can also send it to us by fax
  4. A salesperson will begin a no cost quote and ordering process.