Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on your products?

For cabinets there is a one (1) year warranty on all finishes and a five (5) year warranty on the structure. For countertops there is a one (1) year warranty.

How long does the quote and measuring process take?

Each quote will be unique and completely custom to the specifications of your project. The size and detail of the quote will determine how long it will be before it is complete. The majority of quotes can be provided within 3 days after visiting our showroom. Measuring time can be scheduled at the time the quote is accepted. Our sales staff will make appointments with you personally.

Will you disconnect/reconnect/move our new/existing appliances and sinks?

Yes. We work with certified technicians that are licensed to do this type of work. We do not require that you use our trades people. It is a service we offer our clients to help make the project easier.